About Us


Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our Clients, therefore we go the extra mile and beyond, to fulfill their expectations.


We continuously strive to reinvent best practice in the construction consulting industry, aiming to raise the standard to a higher level.

What We Do

Infra Consulting Hub is a multi-disciplinary practice reliant on its team comprised of highly qualified and experienced Construction Contract and Project Managers, Claim Consultants, Delay Analysts and Quantum Specialists for your construction projects and eventual dispute resolution needs. Infra Consulting Hub provides professional services to owners, contractors, subcontractors, engineering firms, architects, government agencies, financial institutions, insurance companies and legal counsels. Our early involvement in your projects will promote dispute avoidance and enhance the focus on critical construction targets.


We value confidentiality above all else. Upon request, we shall be pleased to tell you more about our extensive experience in the construction industry in roads, motorways, airports, railways and metro lines, industrial, residential and environmental projects, yet without disclosure of the identity of our clients or specifics from our previous collaborations, without their express prior approval.


We are a young company which shall age over time, however now, and then, we shall be only as strong as the synergetic cumulation of our team members.

Each and every one of our professionals has an outstanding industry knowledge and experience, with backgrounds in construction and engineering, having been involved in major international construction projects in all roles – Employer, Designer, Supervisors and Contractors. This allows us to offer a unique blend of different, yet complementary backgrounds, that grants us with a 360 degree understanding of Client expectations and empowers us to tailor our services in order to achieve the most efficient and successful outcome.